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Stramonium, a wonderful trauma healing medicine

The homeopathic remedy Stramonium is from the Thorn apple plant. This is one of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies to treat a variety of mental/emotional disorders in my practice. Because most diseases originate from mental/emotional distress, Stramonium is also an excellent remedy to cure many physical conditions such as headaches, nervous system disorders, epilepsy, bronchitis, vertigo, insomnia and etc.

A woman with ulcerative colitis with typical IBS symptoms, fever, and lethargy was not getting better with prescription medications from her internist. He performed a colonoscopy and diagnosed her with ulcerative colitis in the ileocecal valve in her lower right abdomen.

I started treating her with acupuncture, targeting the large intestine and the liver meridians. I adminstered the homeopathic remedy Aloe 200c to her consecutively on her 1st-3rd visits. And another remedy called Ars album 200c was given to her on the 4th and 5th visits. Her overall condition improved about 60-70%, but didn’t get any better during the 6th-8th visits.

I restarted analysis again. I asked her about her emotional state before she started having the symptoms 6 months ago. She told me a traumatic story that she didn’t know was related her colitis before. One of her family members killed another family member 16 yrs ago. The person had served in prison since then and was about to be discharged from the sentence on probation.

I administered Stramonium 1M to release her traumatic memory on her 9th visit. She got completely cured from all the symptoms within the next 2 weeks and her 2nd colonoscopy showed clear normal conditions inside of her colon.

Another case of Stramonium involved a young man of 28. He was suffering from severe insomnia for over a year. The onset of his condition was immediately after his mother had shot herself in the head. He had seen a psychiatrist who prescribed him Ambient, the most commonly prescribed sleeping medication. He had tried hypnosis, bio-feedback, EMDR, many psychotherapy & counselling sessions, and somatic trauma healing work using mindful meditation—all with very little result.

Stramonium 200C, 1M and Stramonium 10M were administered consecutively on each visit (note: 200c is effective at the emotional/physical level, 1M at deep psychological levels and 10M for even deeper-rooted cell memory). He was completely cured of insomnia after 6 visits.

I have successfully used Stramonium for ADHD, early stages of autism, night terrors, PTSD, war trauma, panic attacks, sexual trauma, learning difficulties, and more. Stramonium is a wonderful remedy that can change people’s lives so quickly.

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