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Good morning, Dr. Jay. I am really touched by the beauty and the genius work you do. Yesterday's session was the ultimate so far. It felt beyond anything I can describe, but I'll say this: I found my true essence again, and it ignited my purpose which is to be the light and do the work/play I was appointed to do and that is love spirit and love life. We make it so hard, but it doesn't have to be.  Trying to put into words the journey I had yesterday would dilute its sacredness, and I don't want to water it down. I just want to be with it. You must have been chosen by the gods to come to earth and alter all that are fortunate for the greater good of mankind, and that blows my mind. I am
forever grateful of the healing you gave our family and I feel you will always be a part of us. You're in my heart forever and I feel blessed. I actually don't just feel it I know it. You are a precious Gem. Wow.               

– Kristin Kitchen/Santa Barbara

I did a somatic yoga class with breath work and movement to music and when I closed my eyes all I could see was all the sacred geometry shapes you did on me. There was golden light and a night sky with stars at all the points, real stars! I wish everyone could experience this release of trauma and return to their essence.  

- Blaire/Newport Beach

Dr. Jay, I have no idea what you had in those little pills you had me take last weekend!  It was a very emotional weekend for me. That session with you, both with the Acupuncture and your words opened a part of me that I had locked away for a very long time, it was a rough weekend – I let go of a lifetime of denial. I became extremely vulnerable and fragile.  I allowed others to be strong for me while I fell apart.  In the end, I came out of the weekend even more powerful yet softer, and most importantly, happier!  Thank you again and again for ALWAYS being there for me.  You are extremely important and special to me.

Mia/Costa Mesa



Dr. Jay,  I met you when I was barely alive during chemo.  You brought me back to life.  But over 15 years, you have kept me going and living.  But this month you gave me a gift of "a life"!  A powerful, authentic, courageous life that is finally all mine.  I love you Dr. Jay!  ♥️♥️♥️

Helen/Newport Beach


Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis is a neuromuscular disorder that’s usually caused by an autoimmune problem. This lady was suffering from facial paralysis, drooping of eyelid and difficulty swallowing, neuropathy and restless legs and sleep loss. After a few weeks of treatments, her condition improved by 95%. Homeopathic remedy Aurum, Lachesis, Kali ph, Agaric were prescribed as well as acupuncture



Bell's Palsy/Facial Paralysis

This lady had been seen by an urgent care physician and a neurologist with no relief right after Thanksgiving holidays.

She lost the nerve function on the left side of the face.

She went into remission of the symptoms after 6 consecutive acupuncture treatments.


I have been a patient of Dr. Jay Chung @ Back to Basics , for several months. Dr Jay's work has changed my life on many levels.
I recently went to him for  some emotional healing work, the results were amazing and the healing has had a profound effect on me.
During the session I felt  a very peaceful angelic presence around me , my heart was very open, I felt compassion, I felt lifted, lighter peaceful.
The tears  were unstoppable , not out of pain or sadness or even joy , it was and is a confirmation of something bigger than myself, my sense is  that "all is ok in the universe however it appears."

I  am not trying to figure it out or compare it to anything , it is so pure and profound and freeing.  I'm trusting the effects and knowing  that what has transpired is some organic truth of the universe.

It is a feeling I have never experienced, not able to touch or hold on to it .  the feeling is all encompassing. Dr. Jay's healing goes beyond anything I have ever experienced

Rhon K. - Corona Del Mar

Klebsiella Bacterial infection

A 79 year old lady was suffering from Klebsiella bacterial infection after her skin cancer on the right leg got surgically removed 9 months ago. Various specialists have tried all known antibiotics for 7 months but to no avail.

The patient finally had stopped conventional medicines and started acupuncture and herbal medicines in L.A area for another 2 months to no avail again.

The patient was refered to me by her daughter and received first treatment on Jul. 9th, 2020. I used Hepar sulph 200c, Pyrogenium 200c, and staphylococcinum 200c.

Her condition improved by 90-95% within 3 weeks.


My experience with Back to Basics has been exceptional. Your first experience as you enter the office you are greeted by Nicole at the front desk she is a lovely pleasant person and she has the most genuine smile that makes you want to smile all day. My purpose of going to Back to Basics was to be treated by Dr. Jay Chung for acupuncture, I was experiencing physical pain, he asked me a few questions and he was able to feel and know that I had deep emotional pain /grief. Dr. Jay is a very aware and intuitive doctor, he is compassionate, sincere and caring, he listens and is very present with his patient, he works from high integrity, and he is impeccable in his work, his homeopathic medicine, and other modalities support healing on an elevated level. I have more energy, I am healthier and I feel a deep happiness. I found an acupuncturist, a homeopathic doctor and a spiritual teacher all in one. I deeply appreciate Dr. Jay's dedication and commitment to being a true healer and serving on a profound level.

Veronica - Corona Delmar

Nervous squinting, blinking &

Facial Tic after stroke.


He got 3 treatments with acupuncture and homeopathic medicines. Watch before and after videos.

The homeopathic remedies I used were Staphysagria 1m, Plantago 200c, and Zinc 200c.

HMA acupuncture performed for the Tripple Burner and the Stomach meridians on 3 consequitive visits.


squint 1
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squint 2
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I found that my over all experience was way out of the box. Dr Jay is a gifted Healer, teacher, guru if you will. he will get to the root of the problem fast and it will be healed. Very well played indeed. It was an honor.

- Steve L./Reiki Master,    Laguna Niguel

My mom and I feel extremely lucky to have found this place and especially Dr J, an acupuncturist that doesn't just heal you from the outside but also within. His methods are very unique as I've never heard or experienced anything like it. I just know one thing they work better than we could have ever imagined!

My mom was experiencing neck & back pain and couldn't move much, Dr J really helped her go from a lot of pain to very shortly after not very much.
Since then we have recommended and taken our family and friends, he truly cares for not only your physical pain but internal. The trauma/sadness/issues from childhood, etc.. Dr J was really able to help my grandmother, not only with her back pain but also with anger suppression, unhappiness and much more.
Highly recommend Dr J to everyone. Skip your therapist and go see him!

- Kristina M./ Fashion Designer,      Huntington Beach

Herniated disc

This patient had severe pain in her lower back and left leg due to 7 mm of herniated disc at L4-5. She has had 2 epidural injections from her orthopedic, which only slightly relieved her pain. After the 3rd injection on Apr. 4, 2012 her condition got 100 times worse and she could not sit or stand for more than a few minutes without pain. Her range of motion in bending over was limited to less than 10 degrees.The infrared thermograph picture shows severe inflammations on her lumbar (white spots). After Holographic Meridian Acupuncture treatment she was able to markedly increase her range in motion.