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Power of a single dose medicine

I met a woman who couldn’t swallow anything except liquid food for over a year.

This woman was referred to me by her colleague. For about a year she couldn’t swallow anything except liquid food. Her other complaints were difficulty breathing, depression, and anxiety about her job. (There were a few people in her job who got laid off in the last 6 months due to the company’s declining financial situation.) She seemed to be unhappy with several other issues but she didn’t seem comfortable opening up about her personal situation any more than what she had already told me.

She had seen a family doctor, who prescribed her an antacid medication because he diagnosed her with Gerd (Something I have heard from hundreds of patients in my practice. It seems like many MDs are prone to prescribing antacids for stomach-related complaints when they don’t know what to do). Of course, her condition didn’t get better at all.

She also had seen an ENT doctor and a Naturopathic doctor who gave her a very strict diet, mostly on organic food with no gluten (another common story that I hear from my patients). The diet did not help her at all.

When it comes to throat issues with difficulty swallowing, most homeopathic schools tend to prescribe Lachesis or Naja because the homeopathic database Materia Medica indicates that these remedies are very effective for problems concerning the throat. However, this lady’s passive and submissive personality didn’t match with these “snake remedies."

With HMA (holographic meridian acupuncture) targeting her spleen meridian and one dose of homeopathic remedy Ignatia 200C, her condition improved by 60-70% after 2 treatments. Her depression’s gone and her anxiety almost disappeared. She could swallow better than before but still felt restriction in her throat.

Ignatia did its job but she’s not cured completely yet. My bi-digital O-ring kinesiology test showed that there’s another layer to be peeled off.

I administered another homeopathic remedy, Cygnus 200C, on her 3rd visit. The result was very impressive. She reported that her throat condition became completely normal, her breathing felt much easier than ever and more than anything, she started feeling genuinely happy again.

Ignatia is from St. Ignatius bean seeds. This homeopathic remedy is very well known for grief over many themes. Cygnus is a remedy from the whooper swan bird kingdom. Ignatia and Cygnus both are similar to another well-known remedy called Nat muriaticum in treating grief and depression.

Her mind/mental picture however fits with Cygnus cygnus. Here’s a little piece of the description of the Cygnus mind picture:

“In Cygnus the putting aside the past and the grief is also about new beginnings. About completion and resolution but also about rebirth. The whooper swan being so large and heavy has even more difficulty getting airborne than other such birds and the issue of moving on is important. It is particularly found in the difficulty they have in moving on from grief after a death and, to a lesser extent, moving on from past abuse or abandonment…”

Even though she didn’t want to give me more personal history about her past (childhood and relationships) I am pretty sure that she had experienced certain forms of abuse or abandonment.

With my bi-digital O-ring kinesiology test, I was able to select Ignatia 200c for the first layer of her conditions and administer Cygnus 200C for the deeper mind picture that held the key to her entire problems, bypassing the painstaking and time-consuming Q&A sessions that most homeopathy practitioners would do with minimal result.

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