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There are many different styles of acupuncture that have developed in China, Japan, Korea, and recently in England and France. In the United States, all of these styles can be found, as well as uniquely American syntheses of the various approaches.

All of the styles (with the exception of a new medical acupuncture system based on modern neurology and physiology) are based on common principles. Fundamentally, health and disease are a reflection of the status of qi in the body. Qi, which is the body’s bio-energy, flows sequentially through 12 primary channels on each side of the body. Each channel feeds a primary organ (e.g. lung, heart, spleen-pancreas, kidney, etc.) as well as the musculoskeletal structures along its path. The qi of the channel keeps all tissue along its path healthy and vibrant. The lion’s share of a channel’s qi goes to its designated organ, allowing for the healthy and normal functioning of that organ. Health is the maintenance of good quality qi and good circulation of qi and blood throughout the body, so that all the organs may function optimally.

Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture is a new paradigm of acupuncture system that was developed by Dr. Jay Chung. This system is from the lengthy discussion on human energy systems and acupuncture meridians between Jay and a nonphysical entity named Atun-Re who lived in Egypt around the middle 1300s B.C. 

Their conversations took place via “channeling” through a world-renowned trance channeler, Kevin Ryerson.

From the book Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture-

"The birth of Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture is originally from my personal desire to understand the real nature of the human energy system and the mechanism of acupuncture in modern language. This strong desire led me to my encounter with Atun-Re through Kevin Ryerson. Originally I wanted to delve into the entire content of the book, “The Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine,” and understand the content in modern science-based terms with the help of Atun-Re, who has access to higher intelligence through what is called the Akashic Records. Atun-Re suggested that I explore the acupuncture system based on consciousness, rather than a symptom-based model. He also suggested contemporizing the vast information of the TCM literature and developing a more concise and efficient system that works on the whole body and mind on the causal level through the tissue regeneration effect. 

Having treated many patients, over 5000 acupuncture sessions for the last year and a half, I have no doubt that the Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture is the only systematic methodology that satisfies my personal standard as an acupuncture practitioner. I had been searching for the most efficient form of acupuncture technique that could heal physical pain and suffering effectively and advance our evolutionary journey towards enlightened consciousness. EEA is one of the most efficient healing methods that works on the body, mind and soul. EEA can adapt and incorporate all the best parts of traditional and contemporary schools of acupuncture and maximize the benefit. "

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