Jay Chung L.Ac. OMD. is an experienced Acupuncturist, Master Herbalist and Homeopath trained in Korea (Kyunghee Univ. Seoul). After he moved to the States, his constant desire to learn about different healing practices in the East and West has led him to specialize in Applied Kinesiology (later he integrated to Meridian Kinesiology), Craniosacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Vibrational Flower Essence Therapy, Classical Homeopathy, Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, and the most advanced form of Holographic Meridian Acupuncture (HMA). Jay holds a distinction as Outstanding Doctor in the Field of Natural Medicine from the D.R.U (L.A) /South Baylo (L.A) University. 

Dr. Jay provides one of the most advanced forms of acupuncture, incorporating HMA (Holographic Meridian Acupuncture), spiritual homeopathy based on the mind picture of the individual, and Qest4 quantum biofeedback, one of the most revolutionary healing technologies in quantum digital medicine.